Follow Flora, the lead garden fairy, as she prepares for spring. When faced with her most difficult challenge, she uses her creativity to save the day.

My Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Director – Deciding the atmosphere and developing an art style for the short.

  • Storyboard Artist – Creation of beat sheet, thumbnails, and final storyboards.

  • Animator – Key animation, and style pass on 13 animation cuts

  • Background & Layout – Designing layouts & Digital painting all of the backgrounds

  • Video Editing - Gathering animation from peers, editing cuts together, minor effects, 

My Roles & Responsibilities ​

  • Storyboard Artist – Storyboard creation based on client script.

  • Illustrator - Created all custom assets for the project.

  • Animator – All Animations, done in after effects. 

  • Video Editing -  Putting together all animation cuts based on storyboard.

As seen on Shark Tank, Coco Taps is a tool that helps you enjoy fresh coconut water straight from the source.

My Roles & Responsibilities ​

  • Character design - Creating different options based on clients input

  • Character rigging -  Create "skeleton" that deforms and animate specific parts of the character based on facial input.

  • Video Editing - I created the video above to showcase Charlie using Premiere & After Effects

Designed exclusively for Vidbotz, Charlie serves as on screen

talent for training videos. Bring him to life with a webcam!